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Marble Mosaic tiles is a small brick collage decoration method, it is rich in color, style is changeable, and nowadays the mosaic is no longer limited to the bathroom, kitchen, floor, it has been widely used in the background wall, today to everyone here Share how the marble mosaic wall should be matched and what features it has. Let's take a look!

Circle Shape Sivec White Marble Mosaic Tiles

First, how to match the mosaic background wall

1, the living room must first clarify its own style of decoration, marble mosaic as a TV background wall decoration, able to shine the style of luxury atmosphere. Some jade materials will reflect light, to a certain extent, can stretch the interior space. You can choose to use beige or blue Masek to match, such as the living room space directly to block the video wall out of the effect is also very good, whether modern or European style or the Mediterranean, etc., Mosaic can control. Marble mosaics are especially gorgeous under light.

2, if the bathroom is an irregular wall, then the corner of the characteristics of the mosaic is small, the processing is more handy, large bathroom space, you can use marble or pebble mosaic, the main color is mainly light, look Bright atmosphere, mosaic background wall can use a simple atmosphere of khaki, white and white mosaic. According to personal preferences can also choose to have dark flowers. Pebble mosaic is simple and elegant with the mirror of the bathroom.

Second, what are the characteristics of the mosaic wall?

1, with environmental protection

For example, marble mosaic walls and jade mosaic walls are all made of pure natural materials and do not contain any harmful substances during processing. In today's era of environmental protection and the pursuit of nature, mosaics made of these natural materials are the best for people’s environmental protection.

2, with decorative

Mosaic uses the form of puzzles to enhance its decorativeness. Mosaic materials are very rich and there are many variations in color. Mosaic can deduce the material's temperament and sentiment. When decorating interior space, it can be used as a decorative material for other decorative materials. The mosaic wall can be used in a large area; either the gradient of the mosaic tiles or the geometric arrangement can be used. Mosaic tiles give people a sense of impact and beauty with their rich patterns, giving the home space a new feeling.

3, long service life

Because the mosaic's main raw material is mostly natural stone, in terms of its wear resistance, it is unmatched with tile and wood flooring and other decorative materials. Because of the large gaps between each small particle of the mosaic tile, its resistance to stress formation is superior to other decorative materials. This is also a millennium that has remained unchanged from the ancient Roman era into modern life. It blooms wonderfully.

4, with scarcity

Scarcity is reflected in its raw material is a natural and non-renewable resources, such as marble mosaics, the formation of marble is the result of long-term exposure to high temperature, buried calcium carbonate or magnesium carbonate and other substances to produce structural deterioration. With the continuous exploitation of natural mineral resources, resources will gradually deplete, and its value will continue to increase.

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