Marble Wall Background in Home


Many people feel puzzled when they decorate the house. Because they have no experience, they don't know where to start. The whole person is fidgeting like an ant.

Volakas White Marble Slabs and Patterns

    The simple plaster line is the choice of many families. If the selection of the background wall pattern is more complicated, because the plaster line is simple, it can not only improve the style of the wall, but also can play the role of the wall independent, concise and generous. Therefore, we recommend that the background of the wall decoration be decorated with plaster lines.

    Relatively simple TV background wallpaper, simple and beautiful, and affordable, marble TV background higher prices. Wallpaper manufacturers are generally packaged tiles, but to make the TV background wall, in the details for a period of time, such as different wallpaper transfer, video wall corner, edge and so on. Style is simple and plain. A wooden background wall can be used to protect wood lines to walls, as well as wooden floors, walls, or planks.

    Marble, due to the more realistic texture, such as making a TV background wall, will be more stimulating, dignified, part of the use of natural stone, but also make the room close to nature. The wall surface is best done with a grout method. The wall leveling and leveling treatment is done first, and then a certain amount of mortar paste is added to reduce the possibility of stone shedding. For larger areas of marble walls, dry-hanging walls are recommended due to their heavy weight.

Yellow Wood Travertine Marble Slabs Blackgraound Wall

    The color and texture of the video wall should not be exaggerated. Color and texture should be considered as ideas. Excessively bright colors and exaggerated textures can only make your eyes tired. In practical applications, geometric patterns were once used for painting procedures on chaotic video walls, causing headaches and dizziness to be masters. We should learn from them.

    Some room-type air conditioning outlets are on the wall of the TV background wall. In this way, when the carpenter creates the video wall, do not put the air conditioning socket on the inside of the wall, so you need to remove the socket first.

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