Italy Calacatta White Marble Introduction and Maintainance


Marble is a common type in building materials. The marble texture is hard and the color is good. The decorative effect is natural. More and more designers try to use marbles in their works. Therefore, marble has become more and more popular in home decoration as a kind of decoration material. Compared with other decorative materials, marble naturally needs to be carefully selected, installed and maintained. There are also very particular tips about real operation. Italy Calacatta White Marble is a widely-used type of marble. Then, just like other light color natural marbles, how to maintain this white marble?

Italy Calacatta White Marble Polished Slabs

Marble cleaning and maintenance

1. Marble is not resistant to acid and alkali. Juices such as juice, coffee, tea, cola, etc. with mild acidity and alkalinity can corrode the stone surface. Therefore, once it is found to drip, it should be wiped clean and cleaned with water. Neutral cleaners (such as detergents and hand sanitizers) must be used for daily cleaning.

2, marble stone is soft, low hardness, not wear-resistant, sand and metal hard objects can scratch the stone surface, so the door should be padded with glue rubber mat, do not move the table and chair on the ground, cleaning and maintenance The gravel sand and hard materials should be cleaned and removed in time.

3, marble due to its material reasons, if the water stays on the stone surface for too long, the stone will absorb some of the water, if it can not dry out in time, the stone will appear pancreatic, white, mildew and other diseases, once the stone lesions, governance It will be difficult to use, it is light-colored marble. When cleaning and maintenance, the water consumption should be reduced as much as possible. The water and neutral detergent (such as detergent) should be cleaned in time, and the stone should be kept dry. Generally, it is waterproof and treated before installation.

4, marble can not be used to wax or solid wax. Water wax or solid wax is a traditional backward maintenance method more than ten years ago. It is a wrong maintenance and cleaning method with serious drawbacks. This will block the natural pores of the stone, so that the stone can not "breath" normally, and it is easy to produce lesions.

5. Regularly perform daily crystal hardening treatment according to the density of use.

Italy Calacatta White Marble Polished Slabs


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