How to Keep Shiny Surface of Crystal Wood White Marble

Crystal Wood White Marble has an elegant luster, and because of the pores in the stone, it is difficult to maintain the luster of the marble. Sealing helps prevent the stone from absorbing liquids, but acidic liquids such as orange juice, lemons, sodas, various foods, and common household cleaners can corrode the stone, so do not use acidic cleaners on marble. To avoid water stains, rinse and dry the sink after each use. The only way to remove corrosion and water stains is to ask professionals to re-polish and repolish. Soft, bleach-containing liquid cleaners or general household detergents can be used for routine care.

Crystal Wood White Marble Polished Slabs

1, the protection has a deadline, need to be regularly brush

Although the protective agent is not a panacea, it is absolutely impossible for the handwashing station not to use the protective agent. Even if the best protection agent is permanently damaged by hot water, alkaline water (soap) and various bath materials, the effect will be reduced.

Under normal circumstances, the effect of the protection achieved by the hand-washing table is about 1 year, and there will be different degrees of pollution and lesions in 2 years. Therefore, protection is not once and for all, and it should be regularly brushed and protected. Small bathroom sinks do not require professional stone care company construction. It is recommended to use “Stone Enhancer Care Agent” and brush it by yourself. The price is not expensive, you can use a small piece of cloth to wipe, can play the role of cleaning, protection, polishing at the same time, very convenient.

2, to prevent the retention of water for a long time

After use, the water in the basin should be readily drained and the water on the surface should be wiped dry. This habit can keep the stone surface clean and reduce pollution.

3, choose the right cleaner

Stone is afraid of strong acid and alkali. It is well known that cleaning stone should not ignore the composition of cleaners. General cleaning agents contain acidity and alkalinity. If the detergent with unknown ingredients is used for a long time, the gloss of the stone surface will be lost, and even the lesions may occur. For example, marble is alkaline alkaline scrubbing solution, while granite is acidic acidic scrubbing solution.

4, to prevent scratches

Hard material scratches, steel wire ball scratches, will reduce the protective effect of stone, should be avoided.

5, special circumstances

If there is deep pollution, serious loss of light, surface aging, microcracking, fracture, and damage on the washbasin, please contact professional stone care company.

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