How to install Cultured Stone?


Cultured stone construction is very different from ordinary wall construction.

1. the wall surface clean and make a rough surface, such as plastic wood and other low-absorbent smooth surface, must be barbed wire, and make a rough bottom, fully maintained and then posted.
2. before putting on the rock, be sure to arrange the rocks on the flat ground first and then put them in the order of arrangement. The rocks of similar size, shape, and color should not be adjacent to each other.
3. the white cement above 425, ordinary cement (cement: sand: 801 glue ratio 1:2:0.05), ceramic adhesive (note the use of adhesives) high-performance special adhesives can be used as glue.
4. Wet the rock thoroughly. Apply adhesive at the center of the bottom of the rock to form a mountain shape. (The bottom of the brick can be coated with a thin layer of adhesive.) If you accidentally stain the surface, use a brush. Use after cleaning.
5. paste the corner first. Press firmly so that adhesive can be seen around the rock (some products do not require corners).
6. if the construction needs, the rock can be cut to adjust.
7. Fill the gaps with plastic bags to fill the gaps. Pay attention to the depth and depth. The deeper the gap, the better the three-dimensional effect of the product.
8. After the initial coagulation of the sealant, remove the excess joint filler with bamboo, etc., and repair the surface of the crevice with a water-soaked brush. If there is a small amount of sealant or adhesive on the rock surface, wait until it is dry. After removing with a brush. better. Some products do not need to leave seams.
9. when the rock is used outdoors, after the plastering is good, the protective agent can be sprayed and sprayed after the product and the sealant are completely dry (can be waterproof, antifreeze, anti-ultraviolet, anti-return alkali, etc.).

10. the requirements of the joint left to deal with (1) disorderly rock - the smallest seam around 10mm, the difference in the size of chaos with grout to adjust

Black Slate Cultured Stone Wall Panels


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