Instructions on Marble Tiles Installation


Volakas White Marble Slabs

(I) empty inside

Because the concrete cushion is not cleaned properly or the watering is insufficient, the brush material slurry is not uniform or the area of the brush is too large, it has been dried for too long, the dry hard cement mortar is added with water, and the marble board surface has floating soil not wet with water and so on. , are easy to cause emptying. Therefore, we must strictly abide by the operating process requirements, the grass-roots level must be cleaned up, the combined layer of mortar can not add water, with the shop with a layer of cement paste.

(II) uneven seams, uneven width of seams

The main reason is that the plate itself has defects such as thickness and uneven width and warpage. The factors such as uncontrollable linear control during paving, all tend to produce defects such as uneven seams and uneven stitches. Therefore, plates should be carefully selected beforehand. Any warp, arch back, uneven width, and missing square plates should be rejected and not used.

After the standard plates are laid, they should be laid on both sides and in the reverse direction, and they should be determined at any time with a horizontal ruler and a straight ruler. The sewing machine must be able to pull the line without deviation. There must be someone responsible for introducing the elevation line in the room, and the elevation in each room and corridor must be the same.

(III) Finished product protection

1. When transporting marble plates and cement mortar, measures should be taken to prevent collisions of finished walls, doorways, etc.

2. During the process of paving the marble plate and the fragmented marble plate, the operation staff should complete the traces of cement, mortar and other traces on the surface of the marble with the dry cloth.

3. When walking on the marble floor, the compressive strength of the screed-layer cement mortar shall not be lower than 1.2Mpa.

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