What Is White Begonia Beige Marble Orginated?


White Begonia Beige Marble

Many clients mistake White Begonia as a white marble, yet when they go to our showroom, turns out to be a beige marble. The reason for this difference is because of different way of naming. Because of light shiny color of this marble, people named this stone in the first eye as a white flower, White Begonia or White Crabapple. So even it is beige like Crema Marfil Marble, it is still called as its first name White Begonia. Of course, name never spoil the shiny essence of this marble.

White Begonia Beige Marble Slabs

According to the basic color of the polished surface, marble can be roughly divided into seven series: white, yellow, green, gray, red, coffee and black. Each series can be divided into several sub-categories according to the color and pattern characteristics of its polished surface, such as: white marble, rosin yellow, Dandong green, Hangzhou ash and so on.

White Begonia Beige Marble Slabs

The pattern of marble and the grain size are ever-changing, and there are landscapes, clouds, patterns (threads, willows, texts, paleontology, etc.) and snowflakes. Modern buildings are colorful and constantly changing. Therefore, the decorative marble also requires many varieties and multiple colors, which can be used in different parts of the building. Generally, the color of the monochromatic marble is uniform; the color of the marble requires a pattern, and the depth of the pattern is gradually transitioned; the pattern type marble requires a clear pattern, a clear color, and a strong regular pattern. In short, the color is beautiful, it is convenient for large-area splicing and decoration, and it is better to supply the same color in batches.

White Begonia Beige Marble Slabs


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