What is Stone Mosaic?


Stone mosaic is a mosaic made by mosaicing, cutting, and grinding natural stone into a variety of specifications and shapes. It is the oldest and most traditional mosaic type. The earliest mosaic is made of small stones and mosaics. The stone mosaic has a pure natural and natural texture, and has a very natural natural stone texture. The style is natural, simple and elegant. It is the highest grade in the mosaic family.

According to the different processing techniques, there are two matt surfaces and two glossy surfaces. A variety of forms, specifications are square, bar, rounded, round and irregular plane, rough surface and so on. The use of this material to decorate walls or floors not only preserves the natural feel of natural stone, but also enriches the pattern.

Natural marble mosaic is made by machine cutting into small particles, pure hand-made, due to the durability of the mosaic material, will not peel off due to environmental time, discoloration, is a high-grade decorative products, pure color, elegant and generous, with a durable The characteristics of never fade. Widely used in various types of architectural decoration and interior decoration, it is an ideal high-grade decorative product.

outside garden stone mosaic tiles


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