Introduction of Marble Bar Counter Types

In recent years, with the change of house types and people's living needs, the bar has begun to gradually return to the living room. From a design perspective, the bar often appears in the living room space or in the dining room space. The design of the bar can be roughly divided into five forms. After fully determining the style orientation, the design can be based on the following forms.

1, wall type

Placed on the wall, the wine cabinet can be placed above the bar or over the wall. It has a small footprint and is suitable for smaller rooms.

White Marble Table Top

2, corner type

Use the corner of the room to arrange and sit around the desk for conversation.

Designed Marbel Table Top

3, cut off

Bars and bars are used to separate the space, which is suitable for indoor areas with large areas and requiring multiple functional areas.

Marble Desk Top

4, embedded

In the irregular indoor space, full use can be made of the corner space. For example, the concave part is placed on the bar, which not only increases the usable area, but also makes the entire interior space neat.

Marble Bar Countertop

5, table type

The bar table is combined with the dining table. When necessary, the table part of the bar table is displayed or pulled out for dining.

Marble Round Table Top

Adding a small bar at home is not new. People who are persistent in their pursuit of life and taste will always use various novel ideas to enrich their lives and add a small bar to themselves. Whether it is a large house or a small single room, the result will be the result of wandering between the turbulent and bohemian. The enjoyment of life is true and transparent.

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