How to Install Stone Mosaic Tiles?


Stone Mosaic Installation Process

Preparation for installation:

1. After the formation of a flat, hard-bottomed base surface, follow the overall layout design and draw out or pull up the auxiliary lines to determine the specific installation location on the base surface to be installed.

2, ready to paste suitable primer (recommended + tile adhesive or cement glue and putty white powder) and sealant (recommended environmental moisture sealant).

3. Remove the liner of the liner between each piece of mosaic sheet, but keep the mesh.

Specific installation instructions:

Apply adhesive: remove grease, dust and loose material from the working surface; repair surface defects; wet the working surface to no clear water; use a pre-selected, adjusted adhesive to evenly wipe the substrate. A thin layer of the base is then uniformly coated with a thicker layer of adhesive on the bottom layer.
Install the product: Put the ready-made mosaic product after applying the adhesive with a toothed scraper.

Leveling surface: To ensure the horizontal flatness of the installation surface and ensure that each stone piece is evenly and firmly bonded, the surface of the product can be beaten with the elastic horizontal wood wrapped with fleece or sponge.

Clean the surface: In order to keep the mosaic surface clean and do not stick adhesive or white cement during paving, we recommend arranging assistants to immediately clean the surface with a sponge soaked to prevent the binder or white cement from solidifying on the stone. Particle surface.

Stitching Preparation: After the product has been laid for at least 24 hours, caulking begins. If the jointing base is too dry, it can be properly moistened.

Stitching: After a proper amount of grout is prepared, use a special caulking tool for caulking.
1. Press the filling material into the gap completely, and the depth of the filling seam is confirmed by the designer;
2. The caulking construction shall be cleaned within 10 minutes after completion of the construction, and the caulking agent on the surface of the product shall be removed with a sponge soaked with dried water;

3. After the sealant is cured (depending on the weather, about 12 hours), clean the surface of the product again with clean water.

1, the mosaic is installed, with a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust, scratch filled with a liquid filled plastic marble, refurbishment after curing, after curing polished clean grain.
2. Non-slip: The non-slip property of the stone after the mosaic crystal surface construction should reach the non-slip standard.
3. Appearance: The crystal surface can not change the stone color, the surface can not have crystal hard agent marks, can not have steel wool marks and scratches, the overall dry, clean, uniform brightness.

PS:  Stone Mosaic Construction Precautions:
1. The dust on the wall is clean and the overall area is well-balanced, which facilitates the overall effect after construction.
2. Place the product on a flat surface with the front side down and the white cement on the back side is covered with a trowel. About 5-8mm, then lift the edge to see the direction of the wall along the edge of the wall affixed to the wall, with a rubber hammer gently tap the surface out of the cement slurry, grab the white cement powder sprinkled in the mud can be.
3, surface treatment, paste the surface with a brush gently brush out of the cement, the edges neat and complete.

4, the overall completion of the cement to be solidified, the surface clean, with stone protection agent can be brushed twice. It is recommended to use an oily protective agent for the glossy surface and an aqueous protective agent for the matte surface.

Emperador Dark Marble Mosaic Brick Tyle


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