History Of Chinese Pure White Marble


Chinese Pure White Marble is the most popular and wellknown pure white marble although the world, but production is strictly limted and controled by officials. 

   Our Royal Pure White Marble could be just as fine as original Chinese Pure White Marble, now well recognized and used by our clients for luxuxry villa and hotel projects.

   Hereby we would like to show you our Royal Pure White Marble photos along with the long history of Chinese Pure White Marble.

Royal Pure White Marble Slabs

   From the perspective of historical data, the excavation of marble can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty to the Nanchao period. The three towers of Dali Chongsheng Temple, built in the Tang Dynasty more than a thousand years ago, have been exquisitely carved with marble and have a high level of craftsmanship. Historical palace tombs such as the Forbidden City and the Ming Tombs in Beijing have used Yunnan marble extensively. Before the 1950s, the mining and processing of marble had been stuck in the way of manual production. Until 1953, the marble factory was built in Dali, and the mechanized production was gradually realized. The variety of products and the continuous improvement of the process. Its products, in addition to domestic needs, are also exported to Southeast Asia and the Arab market.

Royal Pure White Marble Slabs

Royal Pure White Marble Slabs

Royal Pure White Marble Slabs


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