Black Bookmatch Slabs -- Cartier Grey Marble!


Cartier Grey Marble Bookmatching Slabs

Cartier Marble Bookmathing Slabs

Marble Bookmatching could be 2 pieces, 4 pieces or even 8 pieces for some very big pattern or large walls. Matching marbles with similar veins could strongly show the expressiveness of the marble, to the effect of easily creating a luxury atmosphere.

Cartier Grey Marble Bookmathing Slabs

Natural marble is a product of nature, which naturally gives her a unique natural texture. Bookmatching working method make the original beautiful pattern more beautiful! This is the power of nature, and it is the wisdom of mankind.

Cartier Grey Marble Bookmathing Wall

In the marble bookmatching paint, each pattern is classic and unique, just like the fingerprint of our fingers, with a non-repeatable pattern. Each marble has different textures and colors, and the only same part is not the same, just like a piece of appreciation of art.

Cartier Grey Marble Slabs


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